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Get Your Hampers and Wooden Boxes Here!

If you’ve tried to buy one of our hampers or wooden selection boxes recently you’ll have been sorely disappointed… because some fool (that will be me!) let them run out of stock.

Well the good news is, we have everything back in stock now. And I promise to make sure it stays that way (bad Michael!)

We Have Just Sent Out Our 300,000th Order!

How cool is that? Thank you so much to all our customers over the last 8 years.

Who would have thought that an idea conceived one Friday night in 2001 (in The Plough in Winchmore Hill in Buckinghamshire) would have taken off like this?

And if you haven`t ordered yet, what are you waiting for? You`ll be in great company when you do!

It`s Frothy Man!

Congrats and deep respect to everyone who entered our Corona competition and got the answer right.

It`s Frothy Man was the strapline for Cresta and not Corona (every bubble`s passed its fizzical!) – as so many of you pointed out!

We were inundated with correct entries and the lucky winner was Rachael – who is probably chomping on the sweets from her Whopping Penny Mix Jar as we speak!

If You Could Bring Back Any Sweet

which one would it be?

There are so many old favourites that even we can`t get anymore but maybe, just maybe, if we got a big enough campaign going we could persuade the manufacturers to bring some back.

I’d go for Pacers – like Opal Fruits (I can`t bring myself to call them S***burst) but white and cool and minty delicious and incredibly moreish.

What would you choose?

Phone Provider vs 14 Month Old – No Contest!

I`m working away from the office at the moment – well, trying to work more like!

For days now we`ve been without a phone line and Broadband internet. The provider, on their utterly unhelpful automated enquiry service, said there was a known fault on the line and that an engineer was investigating.

So in the meantime I`ve been connecting to the Internet using my phone – and we have no 3G signal where we are so it was megasuperslow!

Anyhow, the phone provider finally sent out an engineer today to investigate, and it turns out that our connection had been compromised by William, aged a year and a bit, having yanked the cables out of the junction box.

Oops! Bit embarrassed but at least we`re back online now!

PS all orders were processed as speedily as usual throughout this little drama – we spent a small fortune to install a super fast, super reliable Internet connection at our HQ to ensure that no toddler can ever compromise our order-sending speed!