I Am Going To Get Into So Much Trouble With This

But what the heck, it’s Friday, so let’s talk Manic Miner!

If you were in or around your early teens in the 1983 the picture below will more than likely bring back loads of memories.

Manic Miner - A Spectrum Classic

Manic Miner - A Spectrum Classic

If you were the proud owner of a Sinclair Spectrum with its ‘dead flesh’ rubber keyboard and its 16K memory (unless you had a MASSIVE 48K machine) then you’re bound to have spent ages and ages playing Manic Miner.

I bet you had that familiar loop blaring out from the speaker during gameplay – it was called In The Hall Of The Mountain King by Grieg (bet you didn’t know that) – and it drove everyone potty (bet you did know that!)

Incidentally, apparently it was the first Spectrum game with music playing constantly during game play.  It was quite a feat given the limitations of the machine.  He was a clever boy was developer Matthew Smith!

The game, like all the best ones are, was very simple but oh so addictive – collect keys by running and jumping without touching the baddies.  Brilliant!

But you knew that already, didn’t you, because you were as hooked as I was!  Come on… fess up!

And were you disappointed too with the massively hyped and long awaited followup, Jet Set Willy?  It just didn’t do it for me.

So, I hear you ask, why am I going to get into trouble for writing this post?

Because I’m breaking any copyrights or anythiing like that?  No, the reason is that you aren’t going to do much work for the rest of today… because here is a link to play Manic Miner online on your PC or Mac!

Better turn the sound down though!!!

4 thoughts on “I Am Going To Get Into So Much Trouble With This

  1. Irby Datious

    The sequel to this game was “Jet Set Willy” and it appeared on the TV news programmes as kids were waiting outside shops at midnight to buy it when it was released.

  2. Michael Parker

    Not me though… I only had a 16k Spectrum and JSW needed a mammoth 48k monster.

    So I had to satisfy myself with Manic Miner and Jetpac (I loved Jetpac and the other games from Ultimate Play The Game!)

  3. Mark Vent

    I played these on my BBC B (ooh get me!) having said that I also had a VIC 20 – which required an addon memory module just to boot up ! …
    best VIC 20 game ? Blitz
    best BBC B game ? Repton Goes Back In Time


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