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Re Aztec

To me Aztec was like a Mars bar but with the added bonus of Cadbury’s Chocolate. Given the popularity of Mars Bars (available in about 10 different sizes!) Cadburys really ought to re-introduce it. I’m fairly sure they did bring it back as a limited edition for a while. Maybe you could persuade them to do so again.

Another Cadburys product I miss is their chocolate coated nuts. They tended to be available in the shops around xmas. I always used to get a box or two at christmas – and eat most of them before Lunch! Whilst lots of other chocolate nuts are available they are not the same!

Aztec bars

These were made by Cadburys in late `60s. I think they were relaunched a few years ago then disappeared. Please give `Cadburys` a nudge to re-produce them and also `Supermousse` bars.   What happened to `Swiss Kit` those `Alpen` breakfast type bars? Not very healthy but they were delicious and the TV advert was good……….best wishes, Christine

Aztec Bar

About three or so years ago they were re-launched, after an absence of about 20 years !

They were on sale in my local Woolworths and I bought the remaining stock, (about 18 bars) andAte them with much relish over the next two months. 

It must have been a limited launch as the next time I went to Woolworths looking for them theyWere no longer on sale ……. A situation that exists to this day ! 

Why did Cadbury’s do this  ?? … why did they not have an advertising campaign ?
Very strange that after 20 years they started to churn these Aztec bars out with no accompanying
Media attention, and then withdrew them again almost immediately ??! 

Still, it was good while it lasted, and I have to say they tasted even better than I remembered from my childhood !