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: Do you know of anything that comes close to a ‘NUTTY BAR’? I have tried everywhere to find out what happened to them but no joy. I even tried (from the USA) a PAY DAY BAR which was ok but with salted peanuts on the outside it just was not the same. Also do you know where I can get SMINT SPEARMINT that comes in a tin- they also seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth.! Grateful for any help you can give. Keep up the very funny e mails. Thanks. Sue

Hi I remember a bar i used to buy when i got my paperound money on Saturday mornings 1978-1983 ish, and bought even more when i started working.

It was like a stiff bar of toffee completelely covered in nuts, i believe it was in a seethrough brown wrapper. I think it was called a ‘nutty’ bar and may have been by Rowntrees. Was that it and does this still exist? – i used to love them Thanks¬† Steve

Nutty Bar

I would like to see the return of a Nutty Bar and hope you could help – a soft chewy fudgy/toffee bar absolutley covered in peanuts – bought in a brown wrapper that ended up with peanuts at the bottom. Not many people I speak to remember this but i am sure it would be very popular today – even with nut allergies cos it so obviously has nuts that it would be easy to avoid!! Please hunt for it and bring it back – may have been Rowntrees/Mars thanks Gill