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Whizzer & Chips

Hi, thanks for a lovely website (Whizzer & Chips was my favourite comic). I’m a bit put out to hear that there won’t be any more Texan bars made – the best ever! Does anyone remember the Pink Panther bars (pink chocolate, years before any white choc. was sold), wrapped in silver paper and with a picture of the PP on the front? What about Macaroon bars? Fizzle sticks? – obviously the orange and strawberry ones, not the lime ones – they were terrible. BIG Wagon Wheels… look what you’ve started! I’m looking forward to receiving my first order :) Regards,Berneice

texans still exist

Texan bars may still exist………… South Africa.

If it’s the same sweet, now called a Tex Bar , a chocolate bar in a yellow wrapper, made by Mackintosh, now owned by Nestle – you could probably find one in any shop selling South African stuff

They also do a fab chocolate called a Peppermint Crisp – you can bite the ends off each side & then suck milk through the mint crisp part of the chocolate bar like a straw

Request for retro sweets


 Great to see you are stocking Texan bars!! How about trying to stock Pink Panther bars (they were actually pink!) or Galaxy Counters (made with Galaxy chocolate and with a picture of a giraffe on the packet?)