Splicer Bars

These were a chewy bars each one was all different colours. the advert used to show people from all walks of life including a policeman biting into a splicer and turning into all colours (just like the bar itself)

2 thoughts on “Splicer Bars

  1. rob

    Don’t other web sites keep calling this bar Striper?
    Anyway didn’t the advert on TV go something like…”Splicer is nicer…..”?
    Can’t remember the rest, but can remember the chewy fruity bar itself, thought is was lovely, well I was about 7.

  2. Fred

    Splicer, another of my favs!

    Sometime after they disappeared from the shops in the UK I went to Malta. I went into a small 7 – 11 type shop and guess what, they had Splicer bars! I bought them all! yummy


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